Her Own Journey

The quest for authentic female leadership

Conscious women. Courageous leaders

How this program came to “life”

This program was born during one of the sessions of the Mind Learners Coaching Program – a deeply transformational program designed to kindle your own awareness first and foremost. It’s a lot about the magic and wonder at the beauty of human potential. Nonetheless, last year we had a group that was only women. We usually have mostly women, but this time there were 14 open, honest, aware and courageous women in the room (and 2 more along the way, as two of our participants were pregnant). We noticed – a bit surprised at first – the wave-like power of a supportive and accepting group of women to change their lives, perceptions about womanhood and have deeper and more meaningful impact. And we changed deeply together with them.

We are not good at talking about differences. Any of us. Weather it’s about gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, age, mental health – we get uncomfortable. The same happens to us. We cringed reading about mandatory Diversity and Inclusion programs, about quota for women in leadership positions, about how political correctness makes workplaces less fun and people more afraid. But at the end of the day, these are all important conversations to have, not edicts to give. And what transforms workplaces for the better for everyone, is asking the hard questions, opening up to discomfort and integrating perspectives.

We’ve been there, and still are, most of the time. And we’re taking that Journey together.

Why authentic leadership

  • As leaders travel through life, they reach a point where they ask themselves whether or not they should continue fitting in and doing things only “as expected” or connecting with themselves on a deeper level and becoming more themselves.
  • Living and leading authentically and finding meaning comes only after going through the intricate inner process of becoming more self-aware and more aligned with our own values and beliefs.
  • When leading, women face even more challenges in going through this process, as authentic feminine role models are rare and sometimes, feminine approaches are shunned in the workplace.

Impact of feminine leadership

  • Women in leadership positions are perceived just as — if not more — competent as their male counterparts. 
  • Are thought to be more effective than men in 84% of the competencies that we most frequently measure
  • Were rated as excelling in taking initiative, acting with resilience, practicing self-development, driving for results, and displaying high integrity and honesty.
  • Increased skill diversity within top management improves effectiveness in monitoring staff performance
  • Less gender discrimination throughout the management ranks helps to recruit, promote, and retain talent
  • Higher capacity to lead honestly with impact on the entire company’s success and job satisfaction.
  • Better problem solving through diversity of thoughts
  • Better levels of engagement through a mentorship-based approach

Our guiding principles

This Journey is for you if…

  • You are successful in your life and still feel that there’s something missing
  • You feel tired of playing games and fitting in
  • You want to feel like you bring your whole self to work
  • You want to feel more authentic and connected
  • You are looking to rediscover and use your innate strengths
  • You are longing for a community of like-minded people that support you and your performance

The Journey

Fitting in

When we start off as leaders, we all feel the pressure to fit in and mould ourselves on others expectations.


Outer Success

Once we start on this route, most of us succeed in gaining the authority, power and respect we aimed for. But we soon realize this is not the game we want to play…



And here is when a nagging feeling of something missing… This is where we usually meet… and start our journey together

Deep dive on The Journey

Goal: Understanding the program and setting your own intentions, with a higher level of awareness of the need of authentic feminine leadership
One-on-one discussions with each participant
Profile on the Heroine Path
Booklet study on facts, figures & stories
Main take-aways: Preparation & full commitment for the Immersion Retreat
Set the stage for a better understanding of who you are, what you stand for and how you have become the one you are today
Understand and develop the feminine side of your leadership approach
Integrate the concepts and own lessons from the Immersion Retreat into daily practice
Adjust the principles to the business environment
Understand where you are on your own journey
The power of story. Sharing your own life story
Learn how to work with fears and gratitude
Coaching sessions on feminine gifts
Access your creative self
Self and group reflection on your feminine side
Connection with your body
Understand who you want to become based on your unique powers
Develop your empathic listening
Define a clear way of blending all your learning into daily leadership practice
Main take-aways:
Power of vulnerability
Higher sense of belonging
Connection with the feminine powers within
Tools to use in staying connected and using your powers on your daily work and life
Booklet with follow-through activities
Have an achievement-oriented approach in your daily business routines
Integrate mindfulness techniques into your daily business practice
Build healthier relationships to yourself and others
Improve the way you communicate in a work environment
Learn how to voice your own leadership beliefs in your organization to get better results
Power of atomic habits in changing your daily routines
Grit and resilience as a leader
How to reach a higher level of clarity in your leadership endeavors
From “have to” to “want to”
Understand the neuropsychology of the brain
Growth mindset and how to make it part of your team culture
Mindfulness approach to work
ESPERE: relationships, messages, dynamics
Feminine/masculine binary
Personal mission
Fears and compassionate assertiveness principles
Main take-aways:
A new daily routine
Your level of grit and tools to increase or preserve it
Clear way to grow your level of performance
Power of a positive mindset of a leader
Mindfulness as a day-to-day tool
Tools to develop better work relationships
Voicing your true self for higher achievements

Your guides along The Journey

Alecsandra Litu

I am a consultant, trainer and coach, focusing on human development and fascinated by the potential for transformation that people, groups and organizations have. For the past 15 years I have created spaces and environments in which people could find gates towards themselves and others, build healthier teams and flourishing organizations.

Andreea Cimpoesu

I have more than 15 years of experience in different business areas, from general management to marketing, from operations and finance to entrepreneurship. I have worked in companies such as Telekom, Xerox, Kaspersky Lab, 2Performant. With a background in cybernetics, an Executive MBA from Central European University, and two specific training formations in both systemic and transformational coaching, I am now an ICF certified coach, consultant, and trainer.  That’s how I live my mission of changing the inner world of individuals and groups so that they can change the outer world for the better.

Laura Vasluianu

I have spent the last 10 years working in HR, uncontrollably drawn to the development of people potential. I am a consultant, trainer and coach, focused on creating the right environment for people to grow, be it individually, in teams or in organizations. Becoming a mother of two has channeled my personal mission towards being a facilitator of women’s journey towards self-love, courageous results and personal and professional fulfillment.

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